Bruce Ropner

Bruce Ropner is responsible for introducing more people to the sports of Bobsleigh and Skeleton than anyone else in this country. As a minority winter sport without any facilities, it is remarkable that Great Britain has been so successful in the sports of Bobsleigh and Skeleton, boasting the last two Olympic Champions in women’s Skeleton.

Yet it is almost impossible for young people to try the sport and to develop a youth programme to identify new talent. Bruce has almost single-handedly been responsible for raising the funds to support the ‘Bobsleigh Futures’ or ‘Youth’ programme, resulting in a silver medal in the 2012 Youth Winter Olympics and a bronze medal in the 2016 Youth Winter Olympics.

At the age of 83, he still spends an inordinate amount of time chasing companies, utilising his contacts and speaking to anyone who will listen in an effort to secure funding for the sport. In addition to this, he still takes out youth groups on fun trips to give them a chance to try the sport and slide down the exhilarating ice tracks.

Without Bruce, Great Britain would not have entered both Youth Olympics and would not have built a legacy of success in the sports of Bobsleigh and Skeleton.

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