Deryck Irons

Deryck Irons (Bedfordshire) – Nominated by The Football Association

52nd Torch Trophy Trust Awards 24th February 2015“There are few things that Deryck hasn’t done for his beloved Eynesbury Rovers Football Club since his father, in his capacity as Club Secretary, brought him along to the club in the 1950s.

Full of youthful enthusiasm, Deryck would travel with his father to matches to be ball boy. As he grew older, so did his list of match day duties and love of the club.

Away from the match day preparations, Deryck became club linesman and also took the Referee’s Course. He also followed in the line of succession, becoming Club Secretary after his father’s death in 1960.

Deryck has also been a valued member of the United Counties management committee for 25 years, as well as serving as Vice President of the Huntingdonshire FA and St.Neots District Sunday League.

But it is Eynesbury where his efforts and devotion are most keenly felt and appreciated. Deryck stood down as Club Secretary last year after 54 years. He is still however, a most active and appreciated presence and remains secretary of the under-18s.

It is due to Deryck’s tireless work that the club is in the healthy state that it currently is and there are many who would testify that if Deryck had not been involved, the club would not be in the position it is today.”

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