Di Charles

Di Charles (Hertfordshire) – Nominated by Basketball England

52nd Torch Trophy Trust Awards 24th February 2015“Di has been part of Corvus Cornix basketball club’s DNA since the club’s inception in 1969.

Di has taken on nearly every role possible at Corvus Cornix. She has volunteered her services as secretary, chair, president, coach and official.

Di passionately wants the best for every player and has been lauded for her boundless enthusiasm, energy for the game and for ensuring it is one where participation is possible for anybody, regardless of age, skill or ability.

She’s driven by her love for basketball, a love that has seen her spearhead many initiatives to drive participation, including setting up women only sessions, reconnecting former players with the game and organising domestic and European basketball festivals and jamborees.

On average Di still devotes six to ten hours every week to the club and this increases to ten to 16 hours during league competition weeks.

So well-known is Di in the local basketball and wider community that she is referred to as ‘Auntie Di’. She has been there for so many generations of basketball lovers and her commitment and immense efforts have inspired thousands of people to get involved with basketball.

To say that Di Charles is an excellent role model for others is an understatement on a par with saying that ‘Michael Jordan was OK’!

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