Dina Murdie

Goalball is a Paralympic team sport for blind and visually impaired (VI) athletes and requires substantial support, particularly to VI players. Dina Murdie is an inspirational asset within the goalball community and has been involved in the sport for over 30 years.

This can range from making travel arrangements, orientating at the venues, ensuring a safe environment and of course playing the sport. Through Dina’s voluntary work she has enabled more VI athletes to be independent, socialise and improve their confidence. The impact of Dina’s work on others is evident and there are not many goalball players who haven’t been inspired by Dina.

Although she is in her mid-70s she doesn’t mind the physically demanding task of setting up a goalball court and goals – this requires laying string and tape over a court 9m x 18m and also setting up goals 9m wide!

Not only is Dina regularly inspiring people in this country but she has also been responsible for numerous people taking up the sport internationally and has been a driving force in training more referees.

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