Gary Nicholls

Torch Trophy Trust Awards 2017 at British Olympic Association Offices in London

As well as being a key committee member of Chelmsford Motor Club, Gary Nicholls is also chairman of the Association of Eastern Motor Clubs and sits on the MSA Timekeeping committee. He has volunteered all over the country for upwards of 30 years.

Gary does not just spend time supporting his own club, but he puts a significant amount of time into supporting other clubs’ events as a timekeeper and results manager. Indeed, at some times of the year Gary seems to be out almost every weekend supporting other clubs’ events.

Gary has been influential is ensuring that Chelmsford Motor Club has been able to invest in timing and other equipment that benefits the club and which can be used on other events. He is currently developing an online results service that should provide local clubs with an affordable solution to having almost instantaneous stage rally results available on the web. As well as volunteering as a timekeeper, Gary is also a licensed Clerk of the Course in a number of disciplines, Route Liaison Officer and often volunteers as Secretary of the Meeting for events.

Gary’s leadership has resulted in the training and development of new timing crews – a vital contribution in the success of East and South of England regional stage rallies.

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