John Mullis

John Mullis (Surrey)  – Nominated by Table Tennis England

52nd Torch Trophy Trust Awards 24th February 2015“John has been the Secretary of the Croydon Table Tennis League since 1985 and is also the Vice Chairman of the Surrey Table Tennis Association.

During that time he has demonstrated an utter devotion and selflessness in ensuring that the interests of leagues and players alike are served and satisfied to their fullest extent.

Time and again amongst other jobs John has displayed supreme professionalism and dedication to the sport and community. He’s overseen the amalgamation of the Croydon Business Houses League, organised leagues and competitions, and been a fastidious minute taker at the AGM. The list is endless.

What makes John’s contributions even more astounding is that, even when his wife was diagnosed with cancer, his duties and league were still carried out with their usual flawless efficiency.

Local sports require people like John if they are going to survive and flourish. It takes a special type of person, with enthusiasm, commitment and dedication in abundance to make sure things run smoothly so that others may enjoy their sporting experience. John is one of those people.”

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