Mandy Parker

Mandy Parker (Leeds)  – Nominated by British Cycling

52nd Torch Trophy Trust Awards 24th February 2015“Although not from a cycling background and despite suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Mandy has been coaching as a parent with East Bradford Cycling Club for over ten years. During that time she has progressed to become a level 2 Track coach and level 2 Road and Time Trial coach.

Mandy relishes her role as a coach and her indefatigable attitude and spirit give her the skills to coach a predominantly young group. Early Saturday mornings or cold winter nights, she’s there to help the club give its members the best coaching and support possible. She also coaches at Pudsey Farfield Primary School in Leeds.

Not content to just coach, Mandy epitomises the spirit of racing by regularly acting as a race commissaire with the White Rose Youth League, officiating at road races for young people and with the Yorkshire Cyclo Cross Association, officiating on a weekly basis throughout both summer and winter.

Mandy regularly goes above and beyond being a mere coach and organises cycling events, such as the West Riding Track League, which runs throughout the summer. She is also a member of the Yorkshire Board of British Cycling and the Yorkshire Events workgroup.

Through her acts and deeds, regularly volunteering to commissaire and judge at national events, Mandy truly embodies the spirit of cycling.”

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