Mark Steggall

For the past 33 years, Mark has coached Paddlesport on a voluntary basis across the country. He has been Area Staff Officer for paddle sports for 16 years, responsible for the development and overall supervision of the sport in 65 Sea Cadet Units. He also developed and commanded a residential paddle sport centre which, due to his hard work, is one of the best equipped and most used in the country.

Mark regularly gives up his annual leave to run voluntary residential courses for both youngsters who are complete beginners and adults up to coaching level and one of his greatest achievements is to have inspired many of the novices to become adult coaches by attending these events. Mark’s wealth of knowledge, experience and commitment to Paddlesport has seen hundreds of young people taking up the sport and progress throughout the various levels.

He has taught not only paddling skills but has run Paddlesport regattas that include Flat Water Racing, Cross Stream and Canoe Polo.

Most of all, Mark’s passion for the sport is quite clearly seen in his enthusiasm when coaching, and I’m sure this has helped the Sea Cadets vote Paddlesport as one of their most popular activities.

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