Mike Phillipson

 Mike Phillipson (Nottinghamshire) – Nominated by the Tennis Foundation

52nd Torch Trophy Trust Awards 24th February 2015“Mike’s enthusiasm for wheelchair tennis first started when he encouraged his son David to take up the sport and see him go onto achieve great success. Since retiring six years ago, much of Mike’s time goes towards making Nottingham’s two international wheelchair tennis events among the most highly regarded and popular tournaments on the world tour.

Mike’s appreciation for the needs of world class athletes and his eye for detail have seen him go from being a driver at the British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships and the ITF 1 Series Nottingham Indoor, to becoming Head of Volunteers for both tournaments and a crucial member of the Tennis Foundation’s organisational network for both events.

Always dutiful, professional and impeccable in his work, Mike can always be relied upon to co-ordinate, carry-out and oversee what are hectic schedules, all with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. Undertaking all his tasks with a smile and the upmost professionalism, Mike is an integral member of the Tennis Foundation team and the tournaments in Nottingham could not function without him.

Mike’s dedication to the sport has not only seen his son flourish and enjoy a highly successful career, but has also enabled hundreds of other athletes to compete in, and enjoy, two of the world’s best wheelchair tennis tournaments.”

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