Paul Bovett

Paul Bovett (Somerset) – Nominated by Table Tennis England

52nd Torch Trophy Trust Awards 24th February 2015“At a recent Table Tennis England coaching session for aspiring athletes, every attendee had something in common (apart from a love of table tennis). They’d all started under the tutelage of Paul Bovett.

Paul has been an active and tireless coach and presence on the table tennis scene in Somerset for decades. He’s been particularly influential in the development of school table tennis and remains as committed now to the future generations as he ever has.

His work and passion for the sport has been felt in many schools in the local area and Paul still coaches school children, every week, at clubs across many different schools, all to ensure they have the best chance to succeed and enjoy playing table tennis.

So many people have benefited from his selfless desire to help others and the sport of table tennis has benefited enormously too. There are adults playing now who remember Paul’s invaluable advice and experience.

While still playing table tennis, though not as much as in the past, Paul’s devotion to the sport has brought great success to Somerset and even greater joy to all who have been fortunate enough to work with him over the years.”

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