Robert Harte

Robert Harte began competing in navigation rallies in the late 1980s and graduated to stage rallying in the 1990s. He then moved into sweeping car duties and has volunteered in that capacity for 20 years.

Last year, Robert agreed to be the Training Manager for the Circuit of Ireland International Rally, with responsibility for meeting the requirements of the RallyFuture Campaign, designed to enhance safety on stage rallies. Previously, training for the Circuit has been undertaken face-to-face in large groups but Robert felt this meant each training session was different, based on the different speakers and questions from the audience. He argued that consistency was paramount and that videos would be best to ensure this consistency. He therefore agreed to develop a set of eight videos which he featured in, scripted and filmed.

The videos were well received by the marshals and officials who attended the training sessions.

Robert did not charge the club for his work and took no money for expenses.

The work he undertook in connection with the production of the training videos was his commitment to ensuring that the content was accurate was exceptional.

Award collected by Suze Endean.

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