Rosie Wynne

Rosie Wynne is one of those amazing and dedicated volunteers who works quietly in the background without expecting any recognition for all her hard work.

Rosie, who is a very well respected ophthalmologist contacted British Blind Sport over 14 years ago after seeing that the charity needed help to classify visually impaired athletes in order for each person to be able to participate on a level playing field. Since then, Rosie has gone on to classify over 6,000 blind and partially sighted people to help them be able to play sport. The monetary cost of employing a classifier is something that the charity could not even begin to consider, as it is estimated that each classification costs the organisation around £84 in real terms.

In essence Rosie’s tireless input and support has saved the organisation over half a million pounds!

Rosie is a hugely valued and respected volunteer within the team but her unassuming manner means that it’s quite possible that some people could be completely unaware of just how hard she works, which is why we are putting her forward for this award.

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