Sue Garvey

Sue Garvey has been a member of the General Committee of the English Schools Athletic Association (ESAA) for 36 years. She has also been a Team Manager, taking athletes from all over the country to competitions at home and abroad. She was the organising secretary for the National Championships held in Blackpool in 1993 and also for the Home Countries International match in 2002.

Sue has led ESAA involvement in many projects with partners such as Youth Sports Trust, Sports Hall Athletics, UK Athletics and England Athletics. She was central to the development, alongside British Athletics, of a National Award Scheme. This scheme serves to motivate both Primary and Secondary school children to get involved in athletics.

Sue has also worked closely with England Athletics on the development of teaching resources and most recently, the school strategy for athletics. She was Vice Chair of the association for two years followed by two years as the Chair. During this time, she did an amazing job driving the Association forward, forming a succession plan and a new structure which reduced the expenses of the association and helped to ensure that it can continue to serve young people in athletics.

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