If you’re interested in winning, then betting on the regular-season games will be your best bet. This is because most of the teams are at full strength and have a shot to win their game. It’s also important to note that regular-season games tend to be more competitive than postseason games.

Overtime Games

Overtime games are the perfect time to place a bet. This is because the team that has possession of the ball at the end of regulation time will most likely win. It’s important to note that this refers only to games that do not go into overtime immediately; it does not refer to penalty kicks, shootouts, or golden goals.

If you’re able to predict what team will come out on top, you should be in a great spot for making a profit. Your odds of winning also increase significantly if you bet during the second half of overtime.

Postseason Tips

It’s the postseason, so now is the perfect time to start placing bets on your favorite team. The playoffs are a great time to get in on sports betting because teams are more likely to be focused and want to win.

If you’re not sure what type of bet you should place, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is the expected outcome?
  2. Do I feel confident about this outcome happening?
  3. What will I have left at the end of the bet if my team does not win?