Torch Trophy Trust bursaries provide financial support to individuals or groups wishing to undertake training to enhance their knowledge or improve their coaching skills to assist their club, organisation or community and develop their chosen sport.


A limited number of bursaries are granted by the Trust each year. Applications can be made if you are:

  • A voluntary provider.
  • Seeking to improve a skill that will benefit the local community or group to which you are affiliated.
  • Your governing body wishes to assist but cannot provide adequate funding for your chosen activity.

Bursaries range from £100-£1000 and must not account for more than 50 per cent of the total costs of any course or activity.

Applications are encouraged from all parts of the UK and from all sports including disability and youth. Any application must be supported by an official letter of endorsement from either a regional or national governing body. Applicants may be requested to supply evidence of a full reporting method to ensure a Bursary award would be used for the purpose intended. Successful applicants will be expected to provide the Trust with regular updates on the use of Bursary funding.



  1. Hello, just wondering if the Bursary process for 2015 is due to reopen and if a date has been set?

    Best wishes
    Sarah Moss

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Bursaries are now open (the application form and criteria can be found in the bursary section of the website).

    Kind regards


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  4. I was wondering if there are any bursaries Fir the disabled as we have a few interested in taking coaching?

  5. Hi Charlie, we do accept applications for disability sports. – Hayley

  6. Hello, what do you mean by “a letter of support from your governing body”?

  7. To apply, have you got to belong to the governing body that’s recognised by the sports council or an independent governing body that is recognised by the top karate instructors in wales?

    Thank you,
    Lee costa

  8. Hi Lee, the letter of support needs to come from a governing body recognised by the sports council – Hayley

  9. The letter of support from your NGB needs to be a letter from your sports national governing body, which confirms that they cannot provide you any funding, while also confirming that you are affiliated with them – Hayley

  10. Hi Ryan, Bursaries are now closed and we are no longer accepting applications. Bursaries will reopen in 2016.
    – Hayley

  11. Please advise when I can apply for a bursary in 2016?

    Thank you.

  12. Hi Vicky, a date has not yet been set for the next round. The website will be updated as soon as we know -Hayley

  13. Hi, Could you tell me when the applications window will open for 2016 please.

  14. Hi Danny, a date has not yet been set – the website will be updated as soon as it is decided. – Hayley

  15. The Bursaries are for individuals or groups who are unable to obtain the necessary funding from any other source.

  16. Bursaries are for both individuals and clubs within sport. – Hayley

  17. Hello, when are you likley to be open to applications for bursaries again?
    Many Thanks,

  18. A date has not yet been set for bursaries to reopen. The website will be updated as soon as we know.

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